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X-trainer Apparatus
X-trainer Apparatus

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[Detailed Product Description]

• Provision of Unified Foundation for Electric and Electronic Engineer
• Utilization of Various Application Experiments with Add-On Module
• Built in Signal Generator, Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Digital Multimeter and Frequency Counter
Chapter 1. Introduction.
  Test 1. X-Trainer System Introduction
  Test 2. Basic Knowledge
Chapter 2. Diode Circuit
  Test 3. Diode Characteristic
  Test 4. Diode Rectufier
  Test 5. Diode Application Circuit
  Test 6. Zener Diode Characteristic and Application
Chapter 3. Transistor Circuit
  Test 7. Transistor Characteristic
  Test 8. Transistor Switching
  Test 9. MOSFET Characteristic
  Test 10. Small Signal Common Source FET Amplifier
  Test 11. Small Signal Common Drain and Gage FET Amplifier
Chapter 4. Operational Amplifier
  Test 12. Basic Circuit
  Test 13. Comparator & Adder
  Test 14. Integrator
  Test 15. Application Circuit
* BasicModule
   InputPower : AC 110/220 V, 50/60 Hz, DC Output : 0-12V (Variable) 5V, 12V, -12V
   FND Display : 8Digits Decimal Number Indicator ( 7-Segment)
   Bread Board : Socket Strip (630 hole) 3ea, Bus Stripe (100 hole) 4ea
   Variable Resistor : 0-100KΩPush Switch: 10-Lock Switch, LED Display : 10-3 color LED Display
   Toggle Switch : 2channel Toggle Switch, One Clock Pulse : H-L, L-H Clock Pulse 0.6mm jump wire
* SignalGenerator
   Outputof a sine wave and a square wave , Frequency range : 1Hz ~20 Hz
* Digital Storage Oscilloscope
   2 channel, 11 probe BNC Socket, 100 MH, 10 MHz Sampling Speed, 1M Input Impedance
   Vertical resolution : 8BIT, Voltage measurement range :1mv/div-5v/div
   Time measurement range : 500ns/div 2s/div
   Touch Screen-type menu, Auto Setup & Trigger Mode Support, AC/DC/GND input coupling
* DigitalMultimeter
   DISPLAY(LCD) : 4-Difit-Resistance : up to 40MΩ, DC/AC Voltage : up to 600V –DC/AC current : up to 10A,
   Capacitance : up to 40uF, Diode check
   Sound CONTINUITY (short) TEST(CONTINUITY TEST), Duty Cycle : 0.1%~99.9%
* Frequency Counter
   DISPLAY(LCD) : 8-DIGIT Count, 15mm HIGH, DC Voltage : 200m/2V0.5%, 20/200/600v 0.8
   Measurement Range : 1Hz ~ 100 MHz
-DC variable power supply / Push Switch
-DC power supply / FND display
-Signal generator / Toggle Switch
-Bread board / Clock pulse generator
-LED display / Precision variable resistor
-Application experiment module mount
-Components case / Power cable
-USB cable
-Digital Multi-Meter (DMM)
-Digital Storage Oscilloscope (050)
-Frequency Counter (FC)
- Real time 050 control, Wave form checking on GUI
- Compare measuring data with simulation data. (PSpice, etc.) (It requires simulation result data)

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